How to remove virus without using anti-virus?

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Hi! Guys,

My computer have a Trojan horse virus. Then I tried to scan the whole computer with my upgraded Antivirus. It detected the files that infected by Trojan virus. My problem is, I can't remove or heal my file.

Guys, please help me on how to remove Trojan virus? Is there any way like using the CMD to remove Trojan virus? I can't reformat my computer because I have lots of files that are saved on my computer. If I back up it on my external drive, then it will also get infected by the virus. Any idea guys? Please, I really need suggestions.


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How to remove virus without using anti-virus?


Hi! Basten,

  • To manually remove a virus, whether from your computer's internal hard drive or any external or removable disk, you will need to use the command prompt. Start your computer in Safe Mode.
  • Then enter the command prompt. Start >>>>>> Run>>>>>>>Type CMD.
  • While at command prompt, go to system root by typing “CD” then hit enter key. Take a little Antivirus action and remove its permissions with the following command: attrib * -s -h-r -a .Locate for suspected files and flush it out of your computer system.
  • Type: del <mytrojan.vbs>  to  remove the  virus from your computer. You can repeat the action as many times as you want. Restart PC.  Hope it helps.


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How to remove virus without using anti-virus?


Ok!  Here is the solution for your problem. You have installed Win RAR program in your computer, if not get one free from the net. After that what you have to do is make virus infected files an "archive".  Add them to archive and compress them, then you can move them to any drive you want without a problem.

Now it comes to how to check the virus or Trojan. It is also very simple. Just open "archive" you made earlier in the RAR program and now you can see files one by one and can delete Trojan. You can also see files here and can view them and also can use them it will take time but it works much better. When done, rearrange your files as you want and that’s it.

James Caan.

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