How to remove one of two operating system installed on my PC?

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I have installed two operating system on my PC.Windows XP(SP3) on C drive and windows 7 on D drive.

Every time when I go to start my PC it takes much time to start up and ask me which windows I want to open.

It is disgusting.

Now I want to remove Windows 7 from D drive.Can anyone help me please?

I don't know how to boot up windows.

Also help me on this issue.

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How to remove one of two operating system installed on my PC?


Hi Pflueger,

Here are the steps on how you can uninstall Windows 7 from a dual boot Windows 7 and Windows XP:

1. Back up your Files – You may boot in both Operating Systems and back up your files to an external drive or a removable disk.

2. Boot up in Windows XP – Since this is the Operating System you’d like to retain, we’ll have to save the installation files of this OS and use it to completely remove the other one.

3. Put in the Windows 7 DVD – We’ll need some files of from the Windows 7 DVD installer to fix and help remove it.

4. Open the Run command utility.

  • Click Start > Run

5. In the space box of the Run window, type:

  • “E:bootbootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /force” (without the quotation marks)
  • Click OK
  • If your DVD drive is under a different letter like maybe F:, then just change it to whatever the drive letter is.
  • During this operation, you will see a Command Prompt window. What it’s doing is removing the Windows Boot Manager system including data from the boot partition.

6. Eject the Windows 7 DVD

  • After that, restart the computer.

7. Your PC should not show you 2 Operating Systems anymore

  • It should boot directly using the Windows XP installation.

8. At this point, you may already format the drive with the Windows 7 Installation by:

  • Right click the drive which has the Windows 7
  • Or remove its files manually.

9. The final step will be to delete Boot.BAK and BootSect.BAK from root directory of Windows XP (C:)

  • Confirm the deletion if prompted.

10. Alternatively, you may just simply reformat the drive which has the Windows 7 installation and make a repair of the installation with the use of the Windows XP CD installer.

  • Also use the Windows XP CD in case there are errors encountered.
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How to remove one of two operating system installed on my PC?


Good day,

About your problem, there is a safe way to fix these.

But I recommend you that you must backup first before doing so.

Here is the link

I hope you find it useful.

Any questions or you need some clarifications about this comment,

just PM me and I’ll reply, okay?

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How to remove one of two operating system installed on my PC?


It is very simple to uninstall a window you installed earlier. You need to run your system in command prompt, and you need to make a full format to your drive this will solve your problem and the window select option will not come further.

Also,you can use uninstall to clear your windows OS.

First to delete the drive on which your window is install right click on the drive and then select format and format your drive using NTFS file system when done now restart your computer and your problem will be solved.

You can also do this by restarting your computer and then turn it on when done now press F8 key several times when booting and you some options will come in front of you need to select the command prompt option and then it will take you to the command prompt window now type format C: where c is your drive latter.

When done restart your computer, and it will work fine.

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