How To Remove Flashback Trojan in My Mac

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My antivirus software cannot remove this trojan from my Mac. Other than replacing a new antivirus, what ways can you suggest that will remove Flashback Trojan in my Mac permanently?

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How To Remove Flashback Trojan in My Mac


There are certain steps that need to be followed for removal of a Trojan virus on Mac operating system.

First Step: Go to the Library folder and in the Finder section click on the Hard Drive icon.

Second Step: Now route to the Internet Plug-Ins folder

Third Step: Locate the plugins.settings file; the absence of this file implies that your machine is not infected with the Trojan virus

Fourth Step: After finding the file, click the Trash icon and then choose the Empty Trash option. This will get rid of the tool that sets the disturbing DND information.

Fifth Step: Go to Applications and choose Utilities. Now click on Terminal.

Six Step: Look for a notepad like thing, and type sudo crontab –l. Click Return and type your admin password.

Seven Step: If there is a Trojan Horse virus in your Mac, you are surely going to get the code crontab: no crontab for root .

Eight Step: Your next step will be to type sudo crontab –r along with the admin password. Typing sudo crontab -1 will ensure that whatever you have typed is working. The response should be the code crontab: no crontab for root.

Ninth Step: Now click on Exit and restart your machine. This should remove the Trojan virus.

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How To Remove Flashback Trojan in My Mac



I will help you to disinfect. The Flashback trojan installs itself due to a security hole in Java for Mac. Now Apple has released tools for various versions of Mac OS X to solve the problem and disinfect. These update or tool disables Java or replaces old versions to protect you. Lion users go to Snow Leopard users go to Leopard users go to

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How To Remove Flashback Trojan in My Mac


In case your Mac PC is still infected with the Flashback malware, Apple has already released an update that can remove the Flashback malware from the computer. To remove the Flashback malware, download and install the Flashback Malware Removal Tool. This update is recommended for users with Mac OS X Lion that doesn’t have Java installed on their computer.

This update eliminates the most common variants of the Flashback malware. If the Flashback malware is detected, the user will be notified that the malware has been removed. In a few cases, the Flashback malware removal tool may require to restart the computer to completely remove the Flashback malware. The recent version of the Flashback malware takes advantage of a security flaw or defect in Java to be able to install itself on Mac computers.

The Flashback malware removal tool updates Java to fix the security flaw and eliminate the Flashback malware in case it exists on the machine.

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