How to remove duplicate files in Windows XP?

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I found myself have a bunch files on my computer so that I don’t organize them well. Sometimes I keep the same files, twice or more in difference folder, drive or somewhere else. Now I need more space on my computer, so I have to remove some files. May be the MP3 files is my first target, but how can I do that? Does Windows XP came with such feature or need an application to be installed?

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How to remove duplicate files in Windows XP?


It is a natural problem. You often face this kind of problem. you have to delete your unwanted files to get rid of the unneccessery space lost. You can remove your unwanted and unneccessery files by deleting them from your computer. You can use your mp3 extension file by searching them into your computer.

There is a search bar in the right corner of your my computer. you can search there by writing " *.mp3". By eriting this you can get all the files which are mp3 extension file. Now you can delete your desired files. You can delete the files which are excist twice or more.

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How to remove duplicate files in Windows XP?


You can manage or delete duplicate files in this way.

  1. Collect a report of duplicate file in your computer and take a printout for it.
  2. You can use short command on your view menu. It is for recognize the list.
  3. Get detail of any file and collect them. Then select the file and pull down the menu.
  4. Select the info command. Leave the duplicate file.
  5. Also with folder and sub folder. then try to recognize the duplicate file
  6. Then you can rename or delete those file.

In this way you can remove duplicate files from your computer.

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