How to reduce loading time of Outlook Express?

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I have Pentium 4 and have Windows XP installed on it.

The problem is that Outlook Express takes lot of time while loading.

Is there any way to reduce its loading time?

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How to reduce loading time of Outlook Express?


Here are some of the reasons why your Outlook Express takes a lot of time to load:

1. You recently removed Windows messenger or disabled it from logging automatically. If that's the case, there are two ways to reduce OE loading time. The first one goes like this:

a. Click on Start>Run>type regedit ( be careful with this as you do so )

b. Look for the exact string here : {FB7199AB-79BF-11D2-8D94-0000F875C541}

c. Change the default keys on InProcServer32 and LocalServer32 to an empty string

Reboot and then check your Outlook Express. Again, you need to be careful with this one as you're actually editing the Windows registry.

The second option, which in my opinion is much easier, is go to Options on your Outlook Express ( Tools>Options ) and then go to the General tab. Just uncheck "automatically log on to Windows messenger". Once you do that, you should see a difference in OE loading time.

2. Outlook Express also stores data by reserving big chunks of unused space even if you're not using them. So say you've already deleted all of your Outbox, the folder size will still be like its previous size.

I found this site with several ways on how to compact folders as well as email messages: 

Hope that helps! Cheers!

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How to reduce loading time of Outlook Express?


The most common cause for Outlook Express to load slowly is because of the large number of e-mails you might have stored in your Inbox.

If there are too many e-mails in your Inbox it will take a lot of time for Outlook Express to sort them in a proper manner, and for example if you have over thousand emails in your Inbox it will take a lot of time for Outlook Express to sort them in chronological order, from the newest to oldest.

Don't get disheartened because this is quite a common problem and it can easily be fixed by simply archiving these emails. There are several ways to archive your old emails: You can allow your Outlook Express to archive old e-mails by placing them into a folder which will then allow your Inbox to load much quicker.

This way all the older e-mails that are archived won't be loaded up when you start Outlook Express, they will be viewed as searchable files which means your computer will run much faster.

You can find this option by clicking Tools – Options – Auto-Archive and then set the Outlook to archive your old emails accordingly. Another way to deal with your problem is to use the registry cleaner program.

It's a very popular program that is designed to fix a large number files which may be causing your computer to run slow by scanning your computer for files that may be causing these problems. This program is specifically looking for any potential damaged parts in your system files, or to be more precise, in your registry files, and fixing these problems which may cause your computer to run slow.

The registry is a directory where all your programs keep the most important files and settings on how your computer runs, it's practically database that keeps your vital files and settings for your system. Registry cleaner programs can easily track and fix these errors that may cause your computer to run slow, and thus making your Outlook Express load slow.

This will make your computer run much faster and at a greater speed, removing the causes that make your computer taking a lot of time to load and slow performance.

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How to reduce loading time of Outlook Express?


I chose your second solution Marie, mainly because I'm afraid I might damage the system.

So I checked the automatically log on to Windows Messenger option.

And it worked. Loading time was reduced about 25%.

I also noted what you both said by Technocrat- about archiving.

I think I'll do that to sort my e-mails.

Thanks TechyV.

Many Thanks Marie Chan and Technocrat-!

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