How to recover lost data from HDD ?

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Is there any software that I can use to recover lost data?

IF there is then how to use the software?

I need to recover some data.

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How to recover lost data from HDD ?



There are various software that can help in recovering deleted files but it always depends on when did you deleted the file for it to be recovered.

I will give you a link where you can download a software that can recover deleted files:

Alternatively, if you delete your files from your hard disk, it will go directly to your Recycle Bin wherein you still have a chance to restore it from where did you save it.

However if you press the Shift+Del to delete the entire files from a partition, it will promptly bypass your Recycle Bin and after doing it, you cannot restore it permanently. If this is the case, the Recover Data will help you and will help you to recover deleted files permanently from your hard drive.

Download Recover Data for Windows Data Recovery Software and recover deleted files from hard drive.

When you delete files from Recycle Bin

If you delete the files from your Recycle Bin, it will be deleted permanently and your OS doesn't have an option to recover it again.

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How to recover lost data from HDD ?


Hi there!

Here's a video on how to recover deleted files or data from a hard drive that you might of deleted, or formatted.

Just watch the video.

This works great! 

If you need a software that you can use to recover your lost data click this link they will help you how use the software

Hope this solution helps you.

Have a good day!

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