How to Recover Files from Formatted Drive

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I am in great danger guys, please help me. Accidently I have formatted one of my hard disk partition and lost lots of important files and documents. One of the documents is my project report which I need to submit within one week to my varsity teacher and I have no backup copy of that document.

I have collected an utility software called Easy Recovery Pro 6.0 to recover files from formatted drive. By using this utility software I have found some of the files from formatted drive but huge numbers of files are still missing. Have you ever experienced this type of problem?

Please do suggest something, what can a do in this crisis moment?

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How to Recover Files from Formatted Drive



I have seen that many people lose their data or necessary files due to format of Hard Drive or virus problem. And there are some solution regarding this problem. As you enclosed that you have formatted your hard disk and now your all data’s are missing. And you managed to recover some of the data. That’s a great achievement. Well I’m suggesting some possible solution. It may be helpful to you.

The software you are using the Easy Recovery Pro 6. 0. It may not recover all the formatted data. So some others solutions may be required.

Solution One

Hard disk or hard drive is a crucial device . It’s really complicated it works by using a circuit board. The problem that occurs with hard drives are sometimes is due to faulty circuit board. We need to find out whether it is the problem with hardware that is causing your form not recovering your data.

Solution Two

Sometimes it so happens that the platters of the hard disk may get loose forms the copper wire. You have to check whether the hard disk. You have to listen to the sound of your hard drive at the start up of the computer. The patters of your hard disk should be spinning. If it doesn’t then there is problem with your hard drive. Your Hard Drive is in need of Data Recovery

Solution Three

Since you have formatted your hard drive so the recovery of you data can cost you more. Since the technicians requires disassembling the drive to get the data back.

  • Hard drive data recovery is sensitive that’s why takes proper take care of hard disk. So the work is done in a dust free room.
  • The hard disks being sensitive that’s why it takes proper care so that damage doesn’t happen.

Solution Four

When your determined that you want your data back and you would take help of data recovery then firstly make the payment fixed. 

  • Ask quotation for your hard disk form the recovery specialist.
  • Send it to well known or Expertise Company.
  • Tell all your requirements and what you have already attempted to recover the data.
  • Solution Five – Software Based Solution
  • MiniTool Power Data Recovery software: It’s an awesome software. The hard disk’s data can be recovered; it is also useful for CD/DVD disk and at the same time USB port and memory card. If you delete any data accidentally then it can be recovered by this software.
  • Nuclear Data Recovery software: This is an awesome tool for data recovery. Finds out which data is deleted and recovers it, boots sector files and USB drives to find out deleted data.

So you can see, data recovery can be done by Data Recovery Specialist Or it can be done through software.

Hope you find it effective. Thanks.

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How to Recover Files from Formatted Drive



Formatting a disk does not mean that all the data are erased from the disk, only those that are in what they call "address tables". The lost data (but it may not be all the data) during formatting can be recovered by a computer specialist and you can also do it yourself recovery software programs.

I would suggest you use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard; you would just have to download, install and run it. In the newly opened window, choose either a complete recovery or a partition recovery. Then click the types of files that you want to recover or you can opt to recover all lost files by clicking "Search all lost files automatically". Choose the drive where you want to recover your files (the drive that you had formatted) and click "Next". After scanning the drive, a list of volumes which are possibly on the drive will be displayed. Choose the volume where you believe the data to be recovered is stored and click "Next:. The file search would then start and then you will see a list of files and folders found in the volume. Click on the file that you want to recover, click "Next", then select where you want to save the recovered data, and click "Next".

For more detailed steps see this link:

Hope this helps you with your problem.


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