How to Recover data from dynamic Volume ?

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I allocated 2 volumes of 1.5 TB on Microsoft Windows 2008 host, changed  them in dynamic and merged  them as a single volume of 3 TB,  One Volume is deleted from the host and volume state is inaccessible on host now.

How can I get the data back from existing volume ?

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How to Recover data from dynamic Volume ?


Sympathies, for what you did is click the destruct button. Dynamic disks contain a 1MB data source that is concealed by the end, in order to keep an eye on the info and never inside convention partition tables. When you converted it to basic, you removed these tables.  So it's got no clue as to the location, where the information is. There are no benefits using dynamic in 99% cases unless you want more than 4 partitions.

All I believe is that you will  try  to have it back again & there is a possibility. I made use of umpteen restoration software. My tried and trustworthy data recovery regarding severe situations will be Win Internals ERD 2003/5 Disk Commander, which is on Administrator Pack that have been bought up simply by Microsoft, yet includes a significant price tag.

It's an easy software on the exterior but if there's the opportunity it'll go back. This may be an extensive full check so it will take a long time. GetDataBack-ntfs which as advised is a good single whether it ntfs. You can try a free software application a single or test to ascertain if it is possible before choosing. You have to do a deep check.

Do not attempt to fix, rebuild the particular partition or even alter the construction of the push, just check this first to see if it discovers virtually any data.

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