How to read E – Books.

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What are E-books? How I get them (preferably for free), and what is the best software for reading them? E-books are available in many formats. What is the most suitable format (without it being a PDF document)?

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How to read E – Books.

  1. E-book means electronic book. Which is portable with electronic format and anybody can download for read it that called e-book.
  2. There have a lot you website in internet which are provides free e-book for download. They are giving opportunity to free download e-book. You can search “Free eBook Download” by write in Google search bar for get website list which are provides free e book.
  3. Adobe Acrobat is most common software for read any kind of PDF file. Although you any use Foxit Reader too for read PDF format e book.
  4. Actually most common format for e books are PDF but there have JPG, PNG, PSD, doc format too for e book.


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How to read E – Books.


Hi Centric,

E-books are books in digital form that is readable on computers and other electronic devices. There are a lot of free e-books; all you have to do is to Google it.

Most of them are for sale that can be found on sites like Amazon. There are a lot of e-book formats, you can have any of them depending on what format your device supports.

  1. Archos Diffusion (Achos Reader format, .aeh file extension).
  2. Broadband eBooks (Sony media, .lrf; .lrx file extension).
  3. Comic book archive file (compress images, .cbr (RAR); .cbz (ZIP); .cb7 (7z); .cbt (TAR); .cba (ACE)).
  4. Compiled HM (Microsoft Compile HTML Help, .chm file extension).
  6. Desktop Author (DNL Reader, .dnl or .exe).
  7. DjVu (DjVu, .djvu file format).
  8. EPUB (IDPF/EPUB, .epub file format).
  9. eReader (Palm Media, .pdb file format).
  10. FictionBook (FictionBook, .fb2 file format).


Visit for complete list.

Basically it depends what your computer or device supports.

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How to read E – Books.



Hi Centric,
A digital-book(variously, e-book, ebook, digital-book) is a book-length publication inside digital kind, composed of text, pictures, or even equally, and also created about, printed via, and also legible on computers or any other electronics. Sometimes the equivalent of a traditional published book, e-books can be created digital.
The Oxford Dictionary of English defines the e-book as an electronic model of a published book, but e-books can and also available with no printed equivalent. E-books are usually keep reading by devoted e-book visitors. Computers and a few cell phones can also be used to learn e-books.
A digital-book-e-book

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