How to put values inside my datagridview column?(VB script)

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I want to use the values inside my datagridview column. I have a date column, and i time column. so i want to check if the date is today and if the time is now, then send a message!

Private Sub Timer1_Tick(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick Me.Label1.Text = TimeOfDay

Dim i As Integer Dim a As String

For i = 0 To ReminderTblDataGridView.Rows.Count – 1 a = ReminderTblDataGridView.Item(2, i).Value.ToString() If a = Now.Date.ToString() And Me.Label1.Text = ReminderTblDataGridView.Item(3, i).Value Then " message code end if next end sub end class

Note: "TblDataGridView" is the name of my datagridview I am using "i" to loop, I am using "a" to collect the date from the datagridview and compare with now me. "label1" to check if the content in the time column is now

Pls help or give me any idea.


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How to put values inside my datagridview column?(VB script)



Hello Nathan..!!!
Visual Basic is a language of .net which is developed by microsoft and this language is similar to C and also it is majorly used in many programs for smooth execution.
Coming to Windows Application Form in Visual Basic it is simple as it is drag and drop and no need to generate any code for that as automatically code will be generated.
Coming to datagridview as per your query the data should not be written under the datagrid view rather you have to write the entire code under validating of events.
There are many events and these can be described as in the form of triggers which are used to generate an action by the use of delegates.
Thank you.

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