How to put a chatbox in my blog

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How to put a chatbox in my blog?

I own a newly made blog. I want my viewers or readers to make interaction with each other. So my plan is  to put a chatbox wherein they can communicate and tell what they want to tell. Where can I find codes for this?
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How to put a chatbox in my blog


If you use WordPress blog, then here is the easiest way to add a free chatbox to your WordPress blog. If we’re fast, we can do it in 60 seconds or less! We’ll use Chatroll live chat, so you don’t even need to install any plugins. The clock is ticking, so let’s go!

1.Create a Chat roll to use for your WordPress chatbox. Click here to create a Chatroll for your site. Enter your Chatroll's name in the Name box, then enter your account information and click Continue. The name you choose will appear in the chatbox title.

2.Choose your WordPress Chat install instructions. If your WordPress blog is hosted on, choose the instructions. If you host your own WordPress blog (i.e. you can install WordPress plugins), choose the WordPress (Self-Hosted) instructions.

3.For, paste the embed code into a post using HTML Editor, or into a new Text Widget. From the instructions, copy (Ctrl-C) the HTML embed code.
Edit a post and click the HTML tab to switch to the HTML Editor. Paste (Ctrl-V) the code where you want the chatbox to appear.
Note: You MUST switch to the HTML editor! Your Chat roll may disappear if you edit your post in the Visual Editor!

4.For WordPress (Self-Hosted), install the Chatroll WordPress Chat Plugins. Follow the WordPress (Self-Hosted) instructions to find and install the plugins and add Chat roll to your sidebar, posts and pages.

5.Customize your Chat roll. Click Continue to proceed to your Settings page. Use this page to manage all your Chatroll's settings, including appearance, moderation tools and more.
You’re done! Here’s what your chat box should look like:

Congratulations, you’ve just chat-enabled your WordPress blog! If you have any problems along the way, just send an email to Chatroll Support and ask for help.
You’ve now covered the basics, but you’ll want to tweak your embedded chat box to maximize its success. Chatroll lets you customize the position, size, and color of the chatbox to fit in perfectly and make the most of real-time interaction on your site.

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How to put a chatbox in my blog


How To Make a Chatbox in a Blog or Website?

First, you should go to, then click on meebo me. You will then be navigated to a new window. Click on Get Started under Put Chat on Your Webpage. You will then be navigated to a new window, wherein you can create your customized chatbox.

Fill out the name of the widget (name of the chatbox as appearing on the upper left hand corner of the chatbox) and your username (in the display name) as it will appear on your chatbox. Choose also the size that you prefer for your chatbox as well as the color or skin of your chatbox. When you’re done customizing your chatbox, click on the “Next” button. You will then be navigated to a new window. 

The left portion of the window is for new users to fill out, and the right portion is for those who are already registered with meebo.  If you haven’t registered yet you will be asked to fill up you Member ID (which may be a combination of the following: A-Z, 0-9, underscores and periods), your name should also be filled in, email, password, gender and age. When you’re done filling out the required information, click on the “Next” button. You will then be navigated to a new window generating the code. Just copy and paste the code into your website HTML where you'd like the widget to appear.

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