How to protect my Android phone from intruders?

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I have an Android phone and I heard that there are people that can access my data. They can even use the camera on my phone as well. Is there a way to prevent it? Are there any apps available I can download for free to secure my phone from intruders? If yes, which one is the best?

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How to protect my Android phone from intruders?



Yes, these intruders can get into the communication between two phone or they can retrieve data from your Android phone. Many Android phone were accessed unauthorizedly in 2012. 80 percent of the smartphone that uses Android as operating system were accessed due to the presence of malware in  Android. Malware can charge the intruder's billing into your account or can take personal data and other relevant information about your businesses. You may start comparing your bills now and any unexplained high billing could be a manifestation that your phone was being manipulated.

The presence of malware can also be detected when your phone operation is slow as if it performs other tasks, which you did not invoke. Resetting your phone may deactivate or remove any malware. Watch out of the granting of permission when you are installing applications.

Yes. It is possible that the camera in your Android be used remotely by some intruders. The fact that you can apply this method in using the camera of your old phones to see where it is placed and when you are in a remote area, hence, it is no wonder that an intruder can do the same on your Android phone too.  Yes, this can be prevented if you will exercise some precautionary measures to prevent the access of any malware into your Android phone. I strongly discourage downloading apps that are free for these are the usual approach to manipulate android phones, especially if these phones are used for businesses or data bank for important information.

To prevent access of any malware into your Android phones, please do the following:

1. Protect your Android phone using a password and write onto your phone, your name and address when it is in locked mode. These information shall easily led to the identification of your Android phone because  your phone screen will show your name even if your phone is locked;

2. Do not remove the number inside your smartphone that are designed to restrict unauthorized access to your phone;

3. Be selective in downloading apps onto your phone, especially when it's free;

4. Turn off  your built-in Bluetooth device or Wi-Fi connection when it is not used for this may identify your location if you are an important man in an organization;

5.  Avoid accessing free Wi-fi if data in your Android phone contains confidential information;

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