How to protect images at web by convert it to images.php?

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I have some problem facing for my copyright of images ay my website keep illegal downloading from people. My images I have put watermark, but they still keep downloading.

I have listen before have programmer they convert the images to extension images.php instead of images.png. So I would like to know have somebody here know this way of protecting? I really hope can get some suggestion here and solve this problem. I know that I can't stop people from printscreen and get my images but my images basically is .png form that means is transparent background, so if he printscreen that means he need to cut again the images. So the better way they do is just downloading but not printscreen.

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How to protect images at web by convert it to images.php?



One thing you have to accept that there is no way to stop collecting images if uses sniping tool or other similar options. We can just stop the right click disabling image download option.

Method 1:

Using a blank file- this will be on the main image. Put a same size transparent image over the real one. You may download the code that attached below.

As people try to download this image, they will download the transparent part.

Method 2:

You can use ASIDO an image transformation to php feature. It involves resize smaller when downloading, watermarking, converting to unfamiliar extension while downloaded.

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How to protect images at web by convert it to images.php?


Dear User,

The problem is whatever you do users will still be able to download images from your site.

You can try and disable the Right Click option. But smart person can simply turn the JavaScript off and download the image. I’ve seen in some websites when you right click it will show a different link which has no connection whatsoever to the image. But it doesn’t matter, when a person opens up his/her cache in the browser the image is there. 

Thing is if you can see the image its already in the cache. But however you can use Drupal's ‘private file system’. But this prevent visitors seeing the image without having the permission.

Thank you

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