How to prevent Spam, Forged and Scam Mails?

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Please send me guidelines on how to prevent Spam, Forged and Scam mails. Since the company sends and receives email too using POP3 and SMTP protocols in Outlook 2000. It is prone in receiving spam, forged and scam mails.  I need advices on how to use AntiSpam Client Software effectively. Any help will be highly appreciated.

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How to prevent Spam, Forged and Scam Mails?



Three ways to approach spam, scam and forged emails: blocking, pattern detection and filtering.

  1. Use DNS to list sites authorized to send email and determine the reputation of those sites.

  2. By challenge/response systems or C/R (channel mail), unknown senders are required to pass various tests before their messages are delivered.

  3. By country-based filtering, you can block email from certain countries that you receive a great deal of spam.

  4. DNSBLs or DNS-based Blacklists are used for filtering and blocking.

  5. Enforcing RFC standards for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) are used to judge the mail being a spam.   

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