How to play a video automatically in a slide in MS powerpoint?

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I am using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and I am having a problem in playing videos properly through it.

When I present, the only time I could play the video is after I clicked on the slides before and after the slide where the video is inserted. Doing this does not exactly impress the audience.

I really need help on how to work my PowerPoint properly so I wouldn’t have to click back and forth before I could play my videos the next time I do a presentation.

I hope you can help me. Thank you. 

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How to play a video automatically in a slide in MS powerpoint?


Hi Elmer Casamayor,

     In order for your videos to be played properly, try to do the following steps: 

1.   Just place the videos and slides presentation in one folder.
2.   Then, let the files inserted again to the slides presentation in a different way.
  • Finding first the hidden control toolbox out in Slides Presentation.  Hit the Office button then select Powerpoint Options then select Popular then press the tab> Show developer in the ribbon.
  • Next is Open the Developer >select  More Controls by clicking the icon which is showed as bullet and device in the control column.
  • After that a dialog will appear and you have to choose Windows Media Player and you have to click it and then OK.
  • When you see the cursor alter into cross, click the file to insert it to any presentation you wanted.  You can also change the size of the file if you like.
  •  Lastly, Do the right click on the Windows Media Player section, then you have type the name of the file in the URL box. For instance, Player wmv

Hope this mght help you.



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