How to perform boot with hotkey?

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Hello experts,

How to perform boot with hotkey? There are some hotkeys that I learned from my laptop and I want to know more hotkeys so that I will be able to do some shortcuts in order to make things as fast as I could. Can you give me some ways on how to perform boot with hotkey?

Thank you.

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How to perform boot with hotkey?


Hello Jessica Allen,

There are few ways to perform a boot with a hot key. Some shortcuts are

1] SHIFT (during boot), it will enter safe mode.

2] F8 (during boot), it will display Windows Start & Diagnostic menu.

3] ALT + TAB, it will scroll forward through open applications.

4] ALT + SHIFT + TAB, it will reverse scroll through open applications.

5] WINDOWS + TAB, it will forward live view scroll through open applications (Vista & higher)

6] WINDOWS (or CTRL + ESC, it will display the Start Menu.

7] WINDOWS + L, it will lock the computer.

8] CTRL + A, it will select all.

9] CTRL + Z, it will undo the last edit in the current document or field.

10] WINDOWS + Up Arrow, it will maximize the current window.

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How to perform boot with hotkey?


Hold down the option key when you boot up. It will give you one icon for each of your bootable partitions. Pick the windows partition. This is a one-time thing- it does not change the preferred boot drive, so you can leave it set to boot into OSX normally, and just use the option key when you want to go into windows.

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How to perform boot with hotkey?


You forgot to mention which operating system you are using. For Windows PC, just press the Ctrl+Alt+Del multiple times to reboot your PC. For a complete list of the shortcut hotkeys, click on the link below:

Windows Shortcut Keys

For Intel-based PCs or Mac PC

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