How To optimize DSL-CABLE connection speed?

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How To optimize DSL-CABLE connection speed?

Thank you all for the help.

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How To optimize DSL-CABLE connection speed?


I use, for checking the DSL-Cable connection speed. It is a web program, which is applicable all over the world, to test out the DSL cable internet speed.

It is the most used web programs, from all around the world and all professionals use it to test their internet speed. It shows both the download and upload speed, like a motorcycle or car speed measuring meter. I am giving you a snapshot below ,which will clear your concept

The other main source of optimizing the speed of cable DSL connection is, Through this link you can easily optimize the speed of your DSL cable connection.

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How To optimize DSL-CABLE connection speed?



Internet speed is an issue for me. If I don't get enough speed, I complaint and call my Internet Service Provider. Sometimes they often tell me that there is no problem with my Internet Speed.

Here are the following steps I did perform to better up my Internet speed and optimized it to the maximum level.

1. Optimized my browser, clear cache, files, cookies,history, forms data.

  • Open a web browser
  • Click on Tools, Internet Options
  • On Browsing History, click Delete
  • Check all the boxes and tab Delete All

2. Check your Firewall Settings

  • Disabled it for about 15 minutes
  • Observe if speed improved
  • If yes, you may lower the settings and if not, turn it back on

3. Run a speedtest

  • Call your ISP and ask what is your provisioned speed
  • Go to and check your download/upload speed
  • Compare your speed, if lower than 85% then you have to call them back

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