How to open explore the drives if it not opens?

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Hello friends,

I am having a big trouble with my PC. My drives are not opening from the My Computer menu. When I double clicked on the drives, suddenly a note comes out saying that:


Nobody touches my PC as far I know. And I am the only user of this PC. So, who will be my system administration?

I think it’s totally a wrong note which is showing at the time of double clicking on the drives. What will be the solution to open my drives? None of the drives are open and not showing a different note. I tried to open the drives in many ways. Such as – Clicking on the explore button after right clicking on the drives, with the help of run menu, etc.

I want help in this regard.

Anybody please help me to open my drives.

Thank you.

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How to open explore the drives if it not opens?


First of all you must look at your user accounts see whether you are absolutely a administrator and got the administrator privileges. Because you know, may be someone might has access your computer and change your user type  without your knowing or may be an intruder attack to mess your user types. So check out this first.

Go to the Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts

See whether you are a Administrator. If not, you know what has happened.

If you are the administrator, then right click on the My Computer and select Manage. Then you got a Computer Management window. In the Storage Category which is on the left panel, you can see the node Disk Management. Simply select it. then all the details about your disk volumes appear on the right panel. Check whether those details are the details which it must suppose to be. Try to open or explore by right clicking on the disk drives.

There is another thing to do.

Press the windows key with R. Then you got the Run dialog box. Type regedit.

Then you got the Registry Editor window.

Search for nocontrolpanel if it finds you can see the value of 1. Changed it to 0.

If not found try searching RestrictRun. If you find it delete it.



Try to find any unnecessary files in those paths above. You can get the meaning by its name. Then change to 0 if their value is

If you are scared to deal with registry seek for expert advice.

Well actually reason behind this is your machine is under attack with a malware. Each time it executes writes a entry to registry to disable opening disk volumes. So use an antivirus software and try to catch it by scanning your whole system.

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How to open explore the drives if it not opens?


Well pal,

Did you try out a system restore? It’s a system tools provided by the Windows OS to use when troubleshooting. Just try it.

Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

This will allow you to rollback all system files, installed programs, registry keys… etc to a previous time state you provide. So you can give a restore point at a time you can remember that your computer system is working and functioning well. Also it will automatically provide restore points for you.

1. When software installed using the windows installer, package installer, etc.
2. When Windows updates installed
3. When a driver installation
4. You can setup to create a restore point every day

But this will exclude the user's personal data files, like documents, photographs, emails, media files etc.

It is recommended that if you don't know whether the certain files to be modified by a rollback, you should keep them under My Documents. When a rollback happens, the files that were being monitored by the System Restore will remove, if they are newly created folders.

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