How much Bandwidth is needed for hosting data?

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To all good users, what will you do if you have a server as a farm, and you want it to host all of your data? For example, you want to upload hundreds of newspapers as data to your farm. In order for this to access that kind of data to the public, how much bandwidth will be needed in uploading data for such website similar to or How much speed is needed for uploading in order to hold a support to many simultaneous user-database like that?

Do you need some serious bandwidth like a custom deal website support from Cox or AT&T to support that kind of massive website? How all the information does from popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and get out any time and where is the uploading bandwidth comes from, and how does it work as a whole? I need help, thoughts, and ideas from all the Experts here. Thanks to all good users.

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How much Bandwidth is needed for hosting data?


Hi Luis,

With regards to the bandwidth it is better that you avail I-Gate in your country or leased line and it should be lease lines with Bandwidth On Demand (BOD). You will start from 5Mbps and burstable up to 100Mbps depending on your work load everyday. For example this day you want to upload 1000 Gig worth of files and this is urgent request from your farm. All you have to do is simply adjust the bandwidth to it's requirement and after a seconds it automatically adjusted. 

Lease line is also dedicated internet, it is guarantee it meets your requirement unlike ADSL which is not dedicated. If you apply leased line for 5mbps, during speed test it guarantee it meets almost 5mbps unlike ADSL which is not.





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How much Bandwidth is needed for hosting data?


Hello Luis Smith,

For such kind of website you will need a lot of bandwidth since it goes without saying that you will be using a lot of images and massive pieces of information on the website. To store all that data you will need to have a lot space on the remote server to hold the data since any congestion of the data due to many posts that may cause the site to run on little space may slow down the website tremendously.

And thus you will need a bandwidth plan that will offer more than a gigabyte per second speeds to be able to be successful in implementing such a site. I think both AT&T and COX should be offering support for setting up such websites, the only thing that may differ is the rates at which they will charge you for the space that you have occupied.


Clair Charles

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