How to modify pc performance

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How to modify pc performance options in windows XP? else Where can i get the help files or guides to modify pc performance in windows XP?

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How to modify pc performance


Hey this is very simple task you can easily overcome from this problem. If you wish to modify your pc performance in windows XP, just go to your desktop and right click on your my computer icon. There you can see the properties option. Click that properties option, new interface will open named system properties. In that system properties you can see advantage option in the right side below the remote option. Once you click the advantage there is a button named performance, user profiles and finally startup and recovery.

In performance section you can see there is an option called settings. Once you clicked it performance options will appear on the screen. By selecting the adjust for best performance you will be able to adjust your system performance. After finishing all your editing’s you can save your settings and you will realize the ascending performance in your pc.

There is an other way as well. You can increase your speed by right click on your desktop. Click in properties option. Display properties will apply on your screen in that you have to select appearance settings. In that you can see windows and buttons section, in this you have to select windows classic style. Then click save button. By this you will feel a good high performance in your pc.

Although there is another way to increase your pc performance. What you have to do is, you have to click in start button then you have to select accessories then you have to select system tools. In system tools there is an option call disk defragment. By this disk defragment you rearrange all your documents. This also helps increase your PC performance.

I think you will have a good knowledge now.

Thank you.

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How to modify pc performance


Hello Dawn,

You can speed up your windows XP installed PC by changing some settings like: 

1. First thing you can do is disable the error reporting as it usually does not resolve anything so disable it.

2. Disable the Automatically Restart of your windows.

3. By Disabling the various  Visual effects, you are able to improve the system performance.


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How to modify pc performance



Hi Dawn,

A Guided Help is available from Microsoft which will help you improve the performance of your Windows XP PC. You can download it from their website:

The site also gives you a step by step procedure on how to manually set the performance of your PC. Now if this doesn't help you, you can always contact Microsoft for assistance on their product at:

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How to modify pc performance


Follow the procedure below:

• Click the Start button.

• Click on Run.

• In the text box, type sysdm.cpl and press enter.

• System properties dialog box will open.

• Click the advanced tab.

• Under the Performance section, click “Settings” button.

• Click Advanced tab.

• Find process scheduling.

• You can do any one of the following two methods:

o Click programs and choose to use more processor resources to the foreground programs. (Recommended for most users)

o Click background services. Then allocate same amounts of processor resources to all running devices (including print jobs and applications)

• Click OK

• Close the dialog box

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How to modify pc performance


There are many steps you can take to improve your PC's performance when using Windows XP.

(i) Check for viruses and malware – Download and install an antivirus software if you haven't done so already (AVG and Avast are two free antivirus software with top performances). Scan your computer regularly and clean up any viruses on your PC. Viruses and malware take up processing power and often cause your PC to crash.

(ii) Keep your Windows up to date – Windows updates help improve the efficiency and security of your system. Make sure you update your system regularly.

(iii) Perform a disk cleanup of your drives. Right-click your drive icon and select "Properties". Click on "Disk Cleanup" under the "General" tab and once you have chosen the files you wish to be cleaned click on "Ok".

(iv) De-fragment your drives. Go to "Properties" > "Tools" > "Defragment Now".
Choose your disk drive and click on "Defragment".

(v) Sometimes it helps to open up your PC and blow-dry the insides clean as dust accumulates in the computer's air-ducts leading to a decrease in the efficiency of the system. However if you are not sure about your PC's hardware, perhaps it's better to let a computer technician to do this as it is easy to damage your computer's fan whilst cleaning it.

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