How many file types are available in Red Hat Linux?

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Hi, Is there any one can tell my about file types of Linux operating system?

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How many file types are available in Red Hat Linux?


Hi  Noel,

In Red Hat Linux you can find seven types of files those are given below. When you type

# ls -l /dev | less command  you can see the following file types in there.
–  regular file
d  directory
l  symbolink
b  block special file
c  character special file
p  named pipe
s  socket

I have left two examples here,  c and b has different meaning in file type

c  type file are use to communicate with hardware
one character at a time .

b  type file are used to communicate with
hardware a block of data at a time.
512 bytes, 1024 bytes, etc.

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How many file types are available in Red Hat Linux?


Hello Sammy,

An Operating System exploits the hardware resources of one or more processors to provide a set of services to system users and also manages secondary memory and input/output devices on behalf of its users. It’s your good question that you want to know about the types of files in Linux operating system.
File is known in most operating system as a blob of data stored on disk with a unique name, and it could be a list of names and numbers, a cheesecake recipe, or an executable program etc. But the definition of file is different in Linux operating system. As Linux is just like UNIX system, so here everything is a file; if something is not a file, it is a process. But not all the files are of the same type. Basically,Linux uses four types of files. That’s:
  • Ordinary files
  • Directories
  • Symbolic links
  • Block and character device files
It is easy to determine a files type by issuing the ls – l command then from the each row of output just read the 1st character. For easily understanding, I just attached an image which shows the typical output of the ls command.

  –l command


  • Ordinary files begin with a dash (-)
  • Directories begin with d
  • Symbolic links begin with the character l
  • Block devices are prefaced with the character b and Character devices begin with the letter c.

Linux supports many different file systems. To see the Linux file system hierarchy as follows, use tree-L1/ command.

tree-L1/ command


If you want to know more about Linux operating system or have any other query then don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank You.

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How many file types are available in Red Hat Linux?


Since it’s all about Linux, the Red Hat Linux, which was the main concern of this page, was a widely used Linux-based operating system that was created by the Red Hat company.

It was later discontinued on 2004. The Red Hat Linux 1.0 was the first Linux distribution released on November 3, 1994 that uses the RPM Package Manager as the packaging format. This served as the standard packaging format used on other distributions like Yellow Dog Linux, and Mandriva Linux.

They started the discontinuation of the Red Hat Linux line by 2003 to give way to RHEL or the Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The Red Hat company also supported the development of Fedora which is the free version and is best for home use.

The very last version and final release was Red Hat Linux 9 and its line was finally ended on April 30, 2004. The updates for the last version were still available until 2006 and it was finally shut down by 2007.


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