How to make wikipedia gadget in HTML language?

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Hi guys, I want to make or design a Wikipedia gadget for my website which is based on various informative help a user can find.So I thought this gadget will suit my needs to add more into my website.But the problem is I don't know that creating Wikipedia gadget in html is possible or .Please answer me

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How to make wikipedia gadget in HTML language?



If you prefer doing things for yourself, however, you can find all the necessary information from their page source, like:

 The name of the target CGI search utility and the names of the variables involved. Strip it to most crude, default language selected “English”, and carrying across the hidden variable from the source, here’s how a Wikipedia search might look:


<form action=”” method=”get”>
Search Wikipedia:
<input type=”hidden” name=”language” value=”en” />
<input type=”text” name=”search” size=”20″ />
<input type=”submit” name=”go” value=” Go! ” />

That’s all.

It will look like:

Hope this will help you.

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