How to make a video tutorial with audio?

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Hi friends,

I am thinking on making a video tutorial, that will be presented in my class and I want it to be like the one in YouTube.

But instead of typing the procedures or steps in a notepad, I want to replace it directly with my voice, so that while I'm using a certain program I can do the discussing part also.

Can anyone help me about this? Is there any free software that can record what I’m doing on my desktop and also record my voice?


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How to make a video tutorial with audio?


You can use the Desktop Activity Recorder. It is free and easy to use. This program can record your entire desktop activity including audio.

It is recommended for video tutorials or trainings. You can download the software directly to this website.

To be able to record the entire screen of your desktop you need to set the video capture in full screen.

Launch Desktop Activity Recorder and select the “Region” on the menu found at the top and click the “Full Screen” from the list.

To be able to record an audio or voice you have a microphone of course, under the menu “Options” select the “Record audio from microphone” and under “Audio Options” select the “Audio Options for Microphone”.

On the new pop up window (Audio Options for Microphone) under “Audio Capture Device” select what kind of audio device you are using. Click Ok.

To start recording just click the Video Cam icon button on the main interface.

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How to make a video tutorial with audio?

  • First I will tell you to use PowerPoint for your purpose. It is best for any of your presentations related to the classroom. It also sports voice. Although if you want some special features to add, like video from screen and voice with animation then you can use any software which record video from desktop and record voice from your microphone at the same time. Such a program is CAMTSIA studio it records voice and audio at the same time. And are available at the following link given below you can choose one of your choice
  • But it is better to use PowerPoint because it is easy and take less time to work with you need to make slides and can arrange them as you want. I hope through this info you can solve your problem.

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