How to make a table in Illustrator-10?

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I just want to know how to make a auto table in illustrator?

For this which tools help me to make a table?

If there is no options to create a table than how can solve this problem?

I am Suffering this problem for a long time.


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How to make a table in Illustrator-10?


In Illustrator you don’t have the table facility which you can drag and draw a table.

You have to manually draw a table.

I have given you a way which you can try out,

  • Draw a rectangle the size you need for the overall crossword, with a white fill and black stroke.
  • Go to Object > Path > Split into Grid
  • In the options dialog, change both gutters to 0, and enter the number of boxes you need horizontally and vertically.
  • Click OK, then select any squares you want to be black and color them appropriately.

Simple and fast way to draw table

You can draw a table using Microsoft Word and save it in PDF format. Then open the PDF file using Illustrator.

You won’t be able to change the table lines but the text will be editable.

Also you can copy and past the table from Microsoft Word and the result will be the above one.

If you want more control of the table,

Draw the table using indesign and import it to the illustrator.

Here you will be able to change the table text, lines and colors.

If you want more control of the table this is the best way of drawing a table in Illustrator.

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How to make a table in Illustrator-10?


Hi there,

I am very sorry to read how much difficulty you are experiencing and have endured with Illustrator.

Drawing tables in Illustrator can be quite an exhausting task, since there are no proper tools for drawing tables.

However, I will demonstrate a two simple ways you can get around this issue.

1. Create your tables in Microsoft Word. Copy table from Microsoft Word and paste into Illustrator. Table lines will be converted to fills and the texts will remain editable. This is one of the quickest and easiest way to draw simple tables.

2. Create your tables in indesign. All you need to do is copy the table from indesign and paste into Illustrator. When this is done, table lines, colours and texts are still editable. In addition, you can have total control of the padding, columns, font, and even create alternating coloured background field in indesign. Overall, indesign is the best method for drawing your tables because the process is less tedious.

I sure do hope this helps.

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