How to make non touch softwares to touch mobile software

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Hi friends,

I have been using a Nokia N70 mobile for the last two years. It’s a Symbian mobile phone. It supports Java softwares too. I use to using a lot of softwares in this phone. Recently I have bought a totally touch screen based mobile phone (symphony ft10). It looks well and easy to use.

I wanted to install the same softwares of N70 in this touch mobile phone. But my Symphony FT10 is not a Symbian mobile phone. That’s why I only copied the java softwares from my Nokia N70. Here I got a lot of problems. Many of the java softwares ware not being supported in my touch phone. But which were being supported was not working properly. The main problem is KEYPAD. Maximum of the supported softwares were requiring a keypad. But the problem is I don’t have any keypad on my Symphony FT10. Moreover, the virtual keyboard also not working in those softwares. So I want to know that-

1.  Is it possible to edit the java softwares to make it supportable on touch mobile phones?

2. Is there any Computer application that can make the Java softwares which are keypad based supportable to touch phone?

3. Is there any converter that can convert the softwares Symbian to Java?

I know many people like me facing this problem with their keypad based java and Touch based Java phones. I and those people will greatly appreciate the Solution of this irritating problem.

Thank you friends.

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How to make non touch softwares to touch mobile software


Hello Mr. White,

Please try to understand.

SIS and JAR are just containers (more or less just zip files), what is relevant is what is inside them.

JAR contains Java applications and would work on many phones from many makers.

SIS files may contain:
– themes , so what to convert this to apps ?

Symbian applications  only work on Symbian powered smartphones and have nothing in common with Java.

I'm afraid to tell you that it is quite impossible to do as you asked.

Hope you will understand.

Thank you

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