How to make Facebook login shortcut?

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How to make Facebook login shortcut? So that every time I will log on to my computer with my Facebook account it will be automatic with the short cut, please do teach me how experts.

Thank you.

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How to make Facebook login shortcut?


To create shortcut and login automatically, you can follow the step,

First access your desktop, press right click and then choose the create new>shortcut. When dialog box appear, input the website address for Facebook (the bad news is, even though you create shortcut, you cannot perform login on your desktop, all of the login need to be done on your browser), the Facebook page is, after that you can rename the shortcut name as you want. After all is done, press finish.

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How to make Facebook login shortcut?


Good Day Jody,

As for your question on how to make a Facebook shortcut on your desktop I have the following step to help you set it up on your desktop.

1.       Right click on the desktop and create a new shortcut. (Right Click > New > Shortcut

2.       On the create new shortcut window type in “http;//”.

3.       Go to and search for Facebook Icon Download and download what you think is the best icon for you. For the default icon you can just go to this link and download it from here. After you have downloaded the icon you can now upload it to the shortcut that you have created.

4.       Right click on the created Facebook shortcut and go to properties. (Right Click Shortcut > Properties)

5.       Go to the Web Document Tab and click Change Icon Button.

6.       Browse the Facebook Icon that you have downloaded and Click OK.

7.       Click Apply and OK and you’re done.

This does not only apply to Facebook but instead you can apply it to any website that you want to have a desktop shortcut. Facebook also remember you once you are logged in so by clicking this shortcut will put you on your Facebook Account automatically.

Yours Truly,

John Paul Viray


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How to make Facebook login shortcut?


I don’t think creating a login shortcut for Facebook is necessary. When you visit Facebook on any of your web browsers, the site stores cookies to your browser which contains the details about your login credentials as well as your account’s current status whether it is currently logged in or you have logged out from your account.

If you haven’t signed out from your account, even if you exit your web browser, the next time you visit Facebook using that same web browser you don’t have to sign in again to access your account because your Facebook account will remain logged in if you haven’t logged out before you close the browser. That’s how Facebook’s login system works.

If you log out your account then you close the browser, the next time you visit Facebook with that browser you have to sign in again because you closed your account’s session when you log out.

But if you just closed your browser without signing out from your Facebook account, the next time you access Facebook on that browser you won’t be prompted to sign in again because you have an active login. If you want to automatically go to your Facebook account’s timeline or to your home page to see the news feed, just bookmark that section of your account.

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