How to maintain and managing sales in jira commercial software

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I heard about managing sales through the JIRA software that I currently use only for bug tracking processes. How to do this managing sale in jira, explain me


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How to maintain and managing sales in jira commercial software



Hi Marian,

The JIRA software is a good tool to easily and efficiently manage sales tasks if your sales guys can embrace it.

You can use JIRA custom workflow to track the sales pipeline as well as to manage some common processes such as recruiting, purchasing, marketing and building a product.

With JIRA you can separate several users into different levels and teams within the company. It also allows you to switch between users for different views of the system.

It allows you to create and work with issues related to tasks, blog entries and sales positions. You can take the issues through their respective steps and get reports on the activities and issues.

JIRA, GreenHopper and Bonfire can be used together to track simple tasks. Here is a presentation video related to the concept,

Furthermore if you want to work around with a sample file as an example setup, for an overview of some of the useful features of JIRA for sales management. Please check the following link,

It is a method used by almost all the sales teams but most are not able to use this system to its full potential. But if you can develop a good understand of this method of sales operation, it can be used to your advantage.

Hope this helps, Good luck.

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