How long it takes to make a website popular?

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How long it takes to make a certain website popular and what does a popular website contain that makes them popular it world wide web?

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How long it takes to make a website popular?


A website can be popular in a moment and it may not be popular a few years. Here following few tips for make your site popular world wide :

  • You should develop a nice design and take a good concept for your website.
  • You should choose a best hosting site.
  • You should use appropriate fonts and colors for your website, this is an important facts for your website to more eye catching.
  • You should write quality content and information in you site for make it more popular and you should update your website regularly with latest event or content and also keep fresh content.
  • You should give free service for make a site popular such as free sms, free email, free tutorial, free jobs information etc.


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How long it takes to make a website popular?


Making a website popular can’t be achieved in one night sleep. The popularity of a website means pure hard work with the help of some financing. The most important thing that makes a website popular is its contents as well as the way it looks in your web browser. Even if a website is nice looking but it doesn’t have enough contents to support various users, it still won’t be popular.

The website should have a good amount of resources for its visitors to see. It should have plenty of information to share. If a website is intended for downloading a certain media format like MP3, it should have an enormous collection of files for users to download. In reality, the site’s appearance is not important as long as it has a vast collection of data although it’s a plus if it does look good.

If the website already has enough resources and information to support various users, you can start advertising it in different online ad services like Yahoo and Google. This is one way of making the website popular. The ads where the website will appear will reach different users worldwide and when they see your add and click on it, they will see what information is available on the site.

This is one good way of attracting customers if your website is into selling. But putting your website in ads means money because you need to pay for the ads. Another way is to add the site to page ranking sites where some users go to visit different sites.

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