How Long Does A Dell Laptop Battery Last

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Hi. I have recently bought a Dell laptop but I am facing problems with the battery already. I would like to know how long does a Dell laptop battery last and when should we consider replacing the battery? Also, how can we increase the life of the battery? Thanks in advance.

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How Long Does A Dell Laptop Battery Last


Hi. The answer to how long does a Dell laptop battery last, would be between 18 to 24 months. If you have an option of choosing between a battery offering 53 Watt hour battery and the other one offering 32 Watt hour battery, go for the first option. The time for which a fully charged battery can run depends on a number of factors including brightness, processor, memory and the application being run. You can consider replacing the battery if your battery is not working before completing 18 months and is not fulfilling your needs.

The life of the battery can be increased by-

1) Unplug the charger of the laptop while it is not being charged. Unplug it from the wall itself to avoid unnecessary consumption of the electricity

2) If you charge your laptop all the time even when it does not need charging, it can weaken your battery power. So, make sure that you charge your laptop only when your laptop needs charging

3) Another thing you can do is take out the battery from the back side of the laptop and put the laptop on charging. Use it only when you need to go out and ensure that the battery is charged up to 70% at least so that it does not drain if in use

4) Shut the laptop if it is not being used or if you are going somewhere out

5) Lithium-ion batteries should be at least half-charged for a long term storage

Hope we helped.

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