Lock my account (administer privilege) when away for some period of time?

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Suppose i am using my account in windows 7 that has administrative privilege. then my friend comes to my room and wants to use it. I surely can't deny him using but i surely don't want him to know my valuable info.

So is there any software that automatically changes the privilege to simple account without administrative privilege or can lock my other hard disk drive for short (for period that my friend is using my laptop) and again deactivate the setting and run with full privilege??

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Lock my account (administer privilege) when away for some period of time?


Hello there,

You do not need any software to restrict your friend who is using your computer from gaining access to your valuable information. All you have to do is set up another user account but has limited privileges so other people who access and use your computer can use.

To set up the account you can use the following procedure:

  • Just click on start on your computer and then type user accounts in the search field.
  • Press enter to open the user accounts window.
  • In that window look for 'manage another account' and then click on it.
  • In the next window click on 'create new account, and click on standard user in the next window, and then click on create account.
  • You will have created another account that has limited privileges and you can let the other users use that one.

Clair Charles

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