How to layer the system components of OS

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How can we layer the system components of an operating system that are closely dependent on one another? If anybody has come across the similar scenario, please help.

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How to layer the system components of OS


Hello April,

As it is a fact, the operating system is the most important system software that is required by the computer so that the other application software and the computer hardware can be useful and functional. Unless an application is self booting, a user cannot run a computer that has no operating system on it.

Therefore for the system components to work, they must be compatible and be supported by the current operating system that a user is using. The computer hardware like the RAM, hard disk space and the processor speed come in handy when it comes to ensuring the computer system operates at a very high speed.

Also, the version of the operating system and the platform on which it is being used is a matter to consider to get the best functionality of the system components.


Clair Charles


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