How to know what programs you are removing

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Recently, a friend of my teenage daughter used my computer and downloaded several programs from the internet, and this isn't the first time this has happened. These have slowed down my system considerably. 

I went to the add/remove programs feature on my computer, but I'm having a hard time understanding what these programs are. Some are somewhat deceptive. Is there any way to find out more information about the programs on my computer before I delete something that I need?

Thank You.

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How to know what programs you are removing



Hi Mark,
The name that you see under the name tab of the Add Remove Programs is the actual name of the program itself already. There are times when similar names of a program appear in the Add Remove Programs such as Microsoft Sync Framework in your example, these similarly named programs are most likely add-on's that the main program needs to be able to run. 
Now if you wished to remove some programs and you do not know which program you can safely remove without causing your computer to crash, you can search online using the name of the program that see you in the Add Remove Programs so that you can find out if that particular program is needed by your computer. Hope this helped you out.

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