How to keep my website safe from Intruders?

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Some business owners are not aware that their websites are open to online intruders. In a way that, they can get all your information and steal it from you. Or can also destroy your whole computer system. I am one of those who own a website and I want to keep it safe from these online intruders. How can I make it secure and free from worrying that any moment my website will be gone? Please help.

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How to keep my website safe from Intruders?


Hi Mdarifsadik,

Websites are vulnerable to virus attacks, hence a need to ensure their protection. One way to ensure that your website is protected from harm is by ensuring that you set up and an antivirus that scans every content that users upload on the website like pictures, and even documents like doc files and PDF. Ensuring that only registered users are able to use the website for purposes like uploading and downloading will keep the website safe, otherwise someone who may be having bad intentions may carelessly upload images and other documents with the aim of crushing your website.

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Lee Hung.

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How to keep my website safe from Intruders?


When you talk about protecting your website to intruders, there are lots of ways to do that.

But protecting from intruders is not an easy job to do especially now there are lots of excellent intruders over the internet that will bring your website down.  Here is the list of guideline on how to protect your website.

  1. Make sure that all security measure are installed to your web server and that all software keeps updated.
  2. Your password should changed frequently, and use the basic policy about making your password (use mix of upper and lower case character and alphanumeric character).  
  3. Encrypt your database, especially your user logins. Encryption is a process which changing your information to such things that can’t read by anyone except to a program that can use to back it to its original and readable format. It’s very important to use encryption to secure important data. Most of business websites now use encryption to protect their data. 
  4. Back up your files- Backing up files is very important. If there’s problem or hassle occurs to your files especially.
  5. There are only the basic guides to protect your website to intruders.

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