How to keep my PC safe from Virus?

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Hey guys,

I want to know how to keep my PC safe from Virus. I know these days every new day a new Virus threat is released and I use internet a lot for work purpose so and also my PC was affected by adware which I removed recently. So please tell me the answer.

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How to keep my PC safe from Virus?


Hello Joseph

These are a few tips you need to follow to keep your Personal Computer safe from viruses

(a) Use original and supported Operating Systems, by that I mean it could be a purchased one like Windows 7/8 or Open Source OS like Ubuntu or Debian, which are updated regularly.

(b) Update the Operating Systems regularly. Basically, the operating systems involve a huge amount of programming, which would also translate to lots of bugs (errors in programming) in them. The companies regularly release updates/patches to counter these problems. Viruses most of the times take advantage of these bugs to infect your Personal Computer.

(c) Use an up-to-date Antivirus Software to save your computer for any known attacks. The same software needs to be used to scan any mass storage devices/ media you would be using on your PC for the presence of Viruses

(d) Do not use pirated software/songs/videos, etc., remember nothing comes for free. Stay away from torrent sites. Always purchase from authorized sites/ resellers only.

(e) Do not download any data from any of the sites which is not a reputed one. By any site, I mean like 99.9% on the Internet. Even reputed sites, cannot guarantee 100% safe data.

(f) Do not open mails from unknown senders. Attachments to those mails are most probably aimed at compromising your PC.

(g) Install a Firewall. Do not keep your PC connected to the internet when it is not required.

(h) Do not visit unknown sites.

If you follow the above steps, you could definitely be safe from viruses.

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How to keep my PC safe from Virus?


You should keep followings things in your mind to protect your PC from viruses.

1.   You should maintain your antivirus software up to engagement. It would look all newest threats to your           computer and protect it from viruses and always buy reputed software.

2.   Make sure that you have antispyware software on  your PC because if you will have spyware in your PC           then it can share your personal information like credit card numbers and other important information to           hackers and antispyware will protect it.

3.    You should hold your firewall ” on” and “connected” It will allow only flow of certain data to your PC.

4.   You should not open attachments and Emails that are from obscure people and unnecessarily.

5.   Ignore to open files with some extensions like .exe, .pif, .com or .bat.

6.   Don’t open web pops up that shows your computer experiences a problem or infected because it will               trigger you to download new software.

7.   Read all instruction carefully, if you are downloading free software and programs because sometimes they       load other software and programs that you don’t desire to download and it causes a virus.

8.   USB connected devices are very common carrier of viruses, hence be deliberate if you are using this.

These all are tips to prevent PC from virus.

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