How to integrate report using wizard?

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Hello experts

We are not able to put together Siebel 7.8 and BIP.

Using sample out of the box reports we are just capable to upload templates. When we are trying to generate the report in:

1. Accounts > Accounts List

2. All Accounts

3. Click Report

4. Select Report

5. Select Report Type

And press OK, the application stops to work. I don’t know the reason.

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How to integrate report using wizard?


Which version of Oracle are you using? There are certain issues if you are using Oracle 6i but it had been addressed in Oracle 9i. So you can either try to update to it or use the following instructions step by step to solve the issue.

The problem might also lie in the fact that your classes under the Siebel server root directory on the application server has no java update files as .jar. These files are needed.There is a quick fix for it. Compare the tools-classes directory to siebsrvd-classes directory.

If you still get the issue then the final solution lies in the link that I am going to give to you. Here is the link.

It is a 2 parts process so you have to be patient.

One quick fix might be to take the toolsclasses directory and compare the files contained there with your current siebsrvrCLASSES directory. If replacing the files from your toolsCLASSES directory doesn't fix your problem, you might be able to ask Oracle to send you the updated CLASSES directory and all it's files.

There is a series of steps involves how to install both, add few initial components and then integrate it.

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