How to install Windows XP on SATA hard drive?

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Recently my hard disk got corrupted and I purchased a new one. I am facing problem during installation of Windows XP. I am unable to install Windows XP on my SATA hard drive. Because Windows XP doesn’t detect the hard drive for installation. While in BIOS my hard drive is shown connected. Please tell me how to resolve the problem, can I install on SATA or not? I want to install on sata Window XP.

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How to install Windows XP on SATA hard drive?


Hi did you do the following steps correctly?

1. Download the Microsoft XP SATA driver from your motherboard manufacturer. Extract this driver, if necessary, and duplicate it onto a magnetic disk.

2. Insert this driver disk into the floppy drive on the system you're aiming to load XP on. (Please note: If the system doesn't have a floppy drive, you'll be able to quickly install one.)

3. Insert the Microsoft XP software package Installation CD into the CD-ROM (or DVD-ROM) drive and with the computer's BIOS set to Boot from CDROM 1st, power up the system.

4. When asked to press any key to boot from CD, just press a key on the keyboard. It is best to press Enter though.

5. Press Enter once prompted at the Welcome to Setup screen.

6. Watch the lowest of the blue setup screen rigorously, and given conferred with the choice to Press F6 if you would like to put in a 3rd party SCSI or RAID driver, press the F6 key.

7. When the message Setup could not confirm the type of 1 or additional mass storage devices popped out, Press the S key on the keyboard.

8. Press Enter.

9. Choose the right driver from the list given, if needed. Continue your installation as usual.

Configure SCSI Adapter

You can definitely install Windows XP on SATA. Should following the above steps did not solve the issue,

Seems this issue is caused by different drives on the system. Get rid all drives but the CD. Remove any card readers. Everything connected to USB. Get the picture all the way down to blank bones for installing. Each fix was removing another drive or device.

If that does not work out right then get a SATA DVD drive and take a look at it that doesn't everything is on the SATA ports.

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