How to install Window 8 alongside Ubuntu

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I have a laptop with Ubuntu Installed in it, but I want to install window 8 in it without affecting the Ubuntu.
Is this possible?
I know how to install Ubuntu along with window 7 but doesn’t know the vice versa.
Please guide me in installing window 8 step by step.
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How to install Window 8 alongside Ubuntu


Hello Mark,

To have Ubuntu and Windows Operating Systems together in dual boot, the recommended way is to install Windows first and then load Ubuntu. Because Windows always requires the first partition, and if is installed after Ubuntu, it would overwrite the boot loader (GRUB) of Ubuntu and you might not find the Ubuntu installation at all.

The solution to this problem is to recover the Ubuntu Grub loader.

(a) On your machine after having finished installing windows, boot from Ubuntu Disc.

(b) In the menu that appears on booting, select the option " Install and Run Boot Repair".

(c) Then click on "Recommended Repair" After it finishes its operations, reboot the system, the Grub menu with options to use both operating systems should appear.

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