How to install Ubuntu OS in a pendrive

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I have windows 7 Operating System both in my desktop and laptop. How can I install Ubuntu 11.04 in my pen drive, where I can plug it whenever I need to boot using Ubuntu OS. I know how to have two Operating systems in one computer by having the grub loader and switch between them when required (a dual boot system).

But what I need to accomplish is to have a full fledge OS in my pen drive, so that I can use it with any USB enabled computer. Also I should be able to use the new OS in any new computer irrespective of the hardware drivers (i. e. the new Ubuntu OS needs to pick drivers from internet and install when I plug the pen drive into a new system).

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How to install Ubuntu OS in a pendrive


Good thinking Uthpala. There are many advantages of this. For installing Ubuntu 11.04 you need an application named "universal     USB installer". This is only for vista and windows 7. First download the ISO image of Ubuntu 11.04 by Google.

Now you have to select pendrive and those ISO image to install it in your pendrive. It will take some minutes to install. Once install you will just have to reboot it to use in your desired pc. Here, I recommend to use Kingston 8 GB pendrive for better performance.

Thank you.

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How to install Ubuntu OS in a pendrive


1. Obtain the nightly install image.

You should do this with TestDrive .
testdrive-ubuntu desktop-sync

Note. If your key is smaller than 4.4 GB (for Ubuntu 11.04), you must get the alternate installer. The Desktop installer refuses to continue if there is less than 4.4 GB of free disk space.

USBest Technology USB Mass Storage Device-Disk Utility

You need to make sure you select "Don't Partition" before it lets you format the disk.

format USBest technology USB Mass Storage Device-Don't partition

Install normally.

A few notes:
  • Partitioning. Avoid using the automatic partitioning system, as it will create a swap partition on your USB key. That's no good, as swapping becomes super slow (seconds-long system freezes slow) and quickly kills your drive's life. Simply allocate a single partition for. If you're using the alternate installer, make sure you set the no time flag to further reduce the amount of writes to the disk.
  • Updates. Skip the option to automatically download and install updates. It is not guaranteed that the repositories will be in a consistent state by the time you run the installer. Personally, I'd rather manage the upgrades manually with a tool such as aptitude (which does no longer ship with Ubuntu by default).
  • Alpha-quality software. Things are a little wonky — it is alpha quality software, after all. I had dpkg exiting with error code 1 without being able to review the error – no packages were broken as a result, however. I tried to shutdown the virtual machine cleanly after the setup, but it hung. On a reboot, however, the system booted fine.

Reboot and boot into your copy of Ubuntu:

You may need to fiddle with your BIOS settings to make this work.
A nice (or annoying, based on your use case) thing about Ubuntu on a USB is that next time it'll refresh GRUB, it'll also detect and add to the list the kernels and operative systems on the HDD. This should let you boot straight into your HDD from your USB key's GRUB.
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How to install Ubuntu OS in a pendrive


Why don't you use the Virtualization like VMware or VirtualBox, you can run it both, and can synchronization at same time, like drag and drop from your windows to Ubuntu, and share the internet connection, some time unity mode make your Linux application will run at your windows.

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How to install Ubuntu OS in a pendrive


First you have to download Ubuntu OS from the link:

Insert a USB stick with at least 2 GB of free space:

The easiest way to get up an running with USB is to use the USB installer provided by You’ll need to download and install using the link below. Then follow the instructions.

1. Select Ubuntu Desktop Edition from the dropdown list.

2. Click 'Browse' and open the downloaded ISO file.

3. Choose the USB drive and click 'Create'.

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How to install Ubuntu OS in a pendrive


Use universal boot installer. It can make a USB pen drive bootable with Linux inside. I use it to test new distributions. It's GUI so it's easy to use.

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