How to install siri on iPhone 4/3gs/4s/iPad/iTouch on iOS 5?

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What is the use of Siri on iPhones 4/3gs/4s/iPad/iTouch on iOS 5 and What is it and how to install it? 


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How to install siri on iPhone 4/3gs/4s/iPad/iTouch on iOS 5?


Siri is a smart personal assistant that will assist you in performing things just simply by asking. It will let you use your own voice to send messages, place phone calls, schedule your meetings and more. Siri is not just an ordinary voice recognition software that will just let you remember keywords and commands. Siri has the ability to understand your usual speech and it can ask you question if Siri needs more information on performing the task. Siri is not available on older iPhone's, but to the following device only:

– iPone 4S

– iPhone 5

– iPad with Retina Display

– iPad Mini

– iPod Touch 5th Generation

Siri is already built from the devices above and does not work on any other Apple devices. You will need to jailbreak the Apple devices that is not supported by Siri To install it which is not recommended as it may tamper the warranty and jailbreaking is strictly illegal. So you cannot install it on other devices aside from those that are listed above.

Siri can work with almost all the iPhone's built-in apps. And it can even identify which application to use to perform a task. Here are the apps:

You can ask the Siri if you want to make a call, find directions for you, schedule your reminders and upcoming meetings, search the web and a lot more features that will make things easy for you. When you ask a question and done with speaking, Siri will display what you said and will response. If you ask a certain question and Siri needs more information, Siri will ask you about it.

Siri can understand English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Canadian French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Italian, Korean languages.

For more information, you can go to Apple Official Website for Siri.

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How to install siri on iPhone 4/3gs/4s/iPad/iTouch on iOS 5?


Siri is an intelligent personal assistant for the iPhone Smartphone mainly designed to work on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, and on iPod 5. This smart personal assistant helps you do things or do tasks just by asking or saying a command to the phone. This program is voice-activated and allows a user to send messages, arrange meetings, do phone calls, and lots more by actually speaking to the phone as if it was another person.

Unlike other voice recognition software where you are required to remember specific commands to be spoken, Siri isn’t like this and works differently. If other voice recognition software requires memorizing certain verbal commands, Siri can understand normal speech of a person. It will also ask you questions if the task you are asking requires more information to accomplish.

To start talking to Siri, press and hold the Home button until you hear two quick beeps and the screen displays the message “What can I help you with?”

After this, just start talking. You will notice that the microphone’s icon lights up. This means that Siri hears what you are saying. To talk to it again, tap the microphone icon once you started talking to Siri. To know more about Siri

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How to install siri on iPhone 4/3gs/4s/iPad/iTouch on iOS 5?


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