How to Install Officescan Client to a Non-Networked Computer via USB

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My question is just a bit simple yet I'm having a trouble finding for the right resources for me to follow.

I am just seeking for an expert suggestion about what are the things I should prepare and follow to install officescan usb?

And an answer would be great.


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How to Install Officescan Client to a Non-Networked Computer via USB



Hi Laurel,


These are the things you need to have if you will be installing OfficeScan to a non-networked computer via a USB drive:

1)      A USB drive with at least 1GB storage capacity

2)      Administrator access to the OfficeScan server and to the client non-networked PC.

3)      The client package installer for OfficeScan


Now here are the instructions to install OfficeScan:

1)      Access the OfficeScan server and log in to it.

2)      Open the OfficeScan server folder. Usually, it is placed in C:Program FilesOfficeScan

3)      Open the PCCSRV folder and then go to the AdminUtilityClient Packager folder.

4)      In that folder, you should find an executable file named ClnPack. Run that program.

5)      Select the correct Operating System of the computer you will be installing OfficeScan to.

6)      You may specify the directory where the installer will be placed by clicking on the …button in the output file box. You can also specify the name of the installer file. Give it a descriptive file name such as “OfficeScan_installer.exe”

7)      Then, you will need to click on the Create button. You should see a message that says “Package created successfully” when it is completed.

8)      Once it has generated an installer file, you will need to copy this file to the USB drive. The USB drive has to be at least 1 GB.

9)      After you have copied the file to the USB drive, eject the disk and insert it to the client non-networked PC where you want to install OfficeScan.

10)  Copy the installer file from the USB to the client non-networked PC.

11)  Right click on the installer file from the client non-networked PC and select Run as Administrator.


That will pretty much install the OfficeScan client to the non-networked PC. Hope this helps.

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