How to install Java Applet on electronic devices

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I just want to know if how to install Java applet on electronic devices with some specific program through which anyone having that particular device may easily use that java application to get desired result even knowing of that java program for a particular task.

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How to install Java Applet on electronic devices


To test the result of Java applets in various electronic devices, you must have simulator plugin installed on your Java development program, which each device had it's simulator plugin, so you can test your Java application before you can use on real device. i. e, Nokia series simulator, Samsung series simulator etc.

After you test and see your application result in the simulator, then you can upload it to a server, whether it's personal or public server, so later people can download your new application and install in their devices.

So in globally we can say like this: you create the application, test it on a simulator, fix the mistakes on the applet, test again until it ready to use, upload to server then user will download and install your applet.

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