How to install an ISO file that contain software?

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I downloaded a game for PC but when I open it, the file is in ISO file format. When I tried to install it, I got an alert asking me where I want to open the file. I don't know where and how to open this type of file. Can I install ISO files on my Windows Vista computer? Or have I downloaded a wrong game format?

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How to install an ISO file that contain software?


The best way to burn an ISO image to the actual physical media it represents is by using the image burn tool. Burning an ISO to portable disk such as CD or DVD allows you to access the information at anytime as you would with any other.

There are various ways in which you can install an ISO. You can either directly run the setup program from the root driver or use the autorun.inf function of the root driver or install the program by rebooting from the CD/DVD.

The best way is burning it on CD/DVD because it allows you easy and most effective access and moreover you get a backup copy of the ISO that you can download. Lastly is the only available means whenever you need to boot a computer from the media for it to install.

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How to install an ISO file that contain software?


The ISO files are the images of a CD/DVD. Usually, we used Nero or burning programs to burn the ISO to a disk. There are many ways to install the software:

1. Utilize ISO image file software to save your ISO to a CD-R or DVD-R. This is best when you plan to install an operating system or install that software on various machines.

2. Mount the ISO and then open it as a virtual device. This is used when you don't have any media available. On this way, your computer will believe that your iso file is a real disk drive. And it will become readable from the virtual disk.

This is best for installations of applications such as MS Office or some upgrades. This is not possible when installing an OS. You can use the following tools for this method:

Download and install Daemon Tools

Download and install Pismo File Mount

3. Extract your ISO file. You can access the file by extracting it but you need to use third-party tools that has a file extraction capabilities. You can use the Daemon Tools, Winrar, or ISOBuster.

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How to install an ISO file that contain software?


If the game you downloaded is in a form of an ISO file and you don’t know how to use it, there are three ways, actually, how you can use it to install the game. Since the file is in ISO format, your first option is to burn it on a blank CD or DVD disc. For this to happen, you need to have a CD or DVD writer.

An ISO file is a perfect copy of the actual disc saved in ISO image format. But if your optical drive is neither a CD nor a DVD writer your second option is to mount it with a virtual drive. You can use DAEMON Tools Lite to create a virtual drive on your computer and mount your ISO file.

The third and last option and also the easiest, is to unpack the contents of the ISO file in a folder. Download 7-Zip and install it. Once installed, create a new folder in your hard drive and then move the ISO file to that new folder.

Once the ISO is in there, right-click on the ISO file then point to “7-Zip,” and select either “Extract files” or “Extract Here.”

Unpack ISO with 7-Zip

Once the files are extracted from the ISO file, just run the setup file (“setup.exe”) and install the game.

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