How to install Dual Operating System?

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Can you please help me. I have a single Hard Disk with 2 partitions. My computer has a 2GB RAM and 2.4 clockhertz.

I already installed Windows XP.

But some of the applications are not working properly.

I ask my friend about this and he told me to install different OS. Now I want to install Ubuntu 11.04.

Is there any compatibility issues I might encounter?

Do I have to back up fist my files before installing this OS?

Please help me.

Thanks you in advance.

I would appreciate if you can show me steps on how to do this.

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How to install Dual Operating System?


To create Dual operating system.

What you have to do you have to install one window in one portion and another in the second portion. For this you must insert your Operating system CD into CD room and click go to bios setting. When get there change the setting to boot from CD room first.

Now restart you compute it will boot from the CD room and ask you to press any key. Press any key. The window installation will start to install one window into supposing C and then again repeat the process for another. But keep in mind that install the other operating system into another drive. When installation complete successfully restarts your computer.

It will display two operating system in which you have to select.

And then press to start.


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