How to increase your internet browser security?

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Hey guys,

I want to know how to make your browsing safe while you surf on internet and also we use account and personal details that may be hacked by other. So is there any way or software that protect my data from vulnerable threats please let me know the answer for this.

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How to increase your internet browser security?


Hi Chris, in order for us to  browse safely on the internet, we must first know how data travels before it gets into your computer. Along the information highway, once you seek something on the web, before that data is receive in your computer, it traveled from one server after another, and along the way someone might be monitoring that server to get some useful information from you.  One of the most basic threat is phishing. It will make you believe you got into the website you’re looking for, but was deceived by an illegitimate website. So here are some basic internet safe habits to observe in your daily browsing:

1. When making online transactions which requires you to input sensitive information make sure it is a secured site. You can see https on it’s url or the uniform resource locator.

2. Never, ever click links when a suspicious pop up box appears on your screen.

3. As much as possible if you really need to download a software, make sure it comes from a legitimate source, otherwise it may be a malicious software, or a virus in disguise.

4. Above all, make sure you have a very reliable anti-virus software installed in your computer. There are so many anti-virus and anti-spyware software available from legitimate companies like AVG, Avast etc.

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How to increase your internet browser security?


Hello, How are you? I can advise you for several tips to increase internet browser security:

Tips 1 : You should use a famous and recognized security software and firewall do not be attached to fake security solutions. Make sure that your software is always up to date.

Tips 2 : Make the most of concern while giving your e-mail IDs to other sites or people.

Tips 3 : Create your password strongly.

Tips 4 : Never click on everything you are not requested.

Tips 5: Be very cautious about befriend on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Tips 6 : Do not download pirated objects such as movies, programs, cracks etc. from torrents.

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