How to Increase wlan wireless card utility?

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Dear Experts,

I am using a dell laptop equipped with wireless 1350 WLAN Mini PCI card which permit me to connect to my wireless internet.

I have observed that my wireless speed is extremely slow. Can anyone suggest me how to increase the signal strength of my wireless wlan card?

Do i need to update the driver  for WLAN card?

Is there any software to increase wlan wireless card utility?

Please suggest me, how do i resolve my slow wireless network speed problem.

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How to Increase wlan wireless card utility?


Changing the hardware settings of your wireless card would definitely affect your laptop's performance negatively in some aspects with just a very little gain. So I am not really suggesting it.

What I can suggest is to do a test, cause if it is the speed you are having an issue with, there is a lot to be considered as a possible cause of the problem. It could be your provider, your router or yeah the laptop itself.

Someways of testing is this

1. Power off your modem for a minute then power it back on. Thus, shall lessen the possibility of a modem error.

2. Restart your laptop then test your wireless connectivity including the range wherein your laptop can still connect. If you can do this with an another wireless device i.e. cellphone or better if it is a laptop as well. for comparative purposes.

3. You can also try to use an ethernet cable to test the difference between wired and wireless connection for your laptop. Then check the speed variance. If the difference between wired and wireless connection is big then something could be wrong with the wireless card and you might need to contact the manufacturer for that. If there is none, it could be your Modem or if you've added a router on to it. Try checking with your network provider. They can change some settings in the modem that might be helpful, or eventually replace it if they find it to be defective.

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How to Increase wlan wireless card utility?


Hi Mcleod,

Lets answer the first question you asked " Do you need to update the driver for WLAN card"

Yes, you should purchase a WLan USB Adapter which comes with large antenna. This will increase your WLAN utility.

There is some other way to increase your WLAN utility.

Dell computer usually comes with Dell Wireless WLan Card Utility. Its main job is to manage wireless networks. Windows OS also has a utility to manage wireless networks. Now the problem is both are trying to manage same network. But without managing they are slowing down the network. So, the best idea is to shut one down. Our recommendation is to disable the Dell utility so that Windows can manage the network. To do so there are two options:

Your second question" Is there any software available to increase WLAN Utility"

No, In my knowledge, there is no software available to increase the WLAN Utility or WLAN speed.

Hope this will help you.

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How to Increase wlan wireless card utility?


Go to dell support centre, download the latest version of the driver  for WLAN card. Then after setup the driver, you will find your wireless speed comparatively fast than before.

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