How to increase my video formats using movie maker windows XP?

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Is there any  way  were I can increase the formats of my videos which I can export from my movie maker (Windows XP)? Formats are either too bad in quality, small size or huge size in combination. I want to have a good-quality like avi formats with normal size. Is there any method to do it?

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How to increase my video formats using movie maker windows XP?


There is actually no method of increasing the formats of the video output from Window movie maker. However you can make use of external video converters which are able to convert the video you have created to your desired format.

On the normal occasion, you would have done this by saving your video project as will save your project as a Windows Media Version which is denoted as (.wmv). The video render obtained here is usually of poor quality even after using external video converters. It is recommended that you choose the AVI (NTSC) option. This option will save your project as an a very  large file of about 1GB of uncompressed file of about 720 x 480 pixels, a video of higher clarity.

Finally, you should convert the AVI video using an external video converter to an output of your choice.

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How to increase my video formats using movie maker windows XP?


If you want to edit a video on your Windows Movie Maker and want to have the best quality for the output file, first thing, the original video should already be in good quality. You cannot create or produce a good quality video from a low quality source. The source has to be in the best possible quality.

After editing the video and you want to save it and create the output video file, save the video with the highest possible setting. 25 to 30 fps (25 fps, 29.97 fps, or 30 fps) will give you the best playback quality for a video.

If you will be saving the video in AVI format, setting the video bit rate to 1500 to 2500 kb/s will already give you better video quality. But remember, the higher the bit rate is, the bigger the file will be. But file size shouldn’t be a problem because you can still lower down the file size by converting it into MP4 format using the h.264 codec.

Once you have your output video file, you can convert it into MP4 using HandBrake Video Transcoder. The H.264 video codec creates the smallest possible file size and still retain the best video quality.

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