How to increase graphical performance?

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Hello users,

My PC's graphical memory is low I think. Graphical memory is 762 MB. How can I increase this limit? I specially recommend to give me tips on how to use USB Flash Drive as graphical memory. Any other way is also accepted.

RAM is 2 GB. Processor is Intel Core i3 (3.06 GHz). Motherboard is Intel DH55PJ.

Please give me any solution.

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How to increase graphical performance?


Here are the instructions using a 2 GB thumb drive from Kingston. It is recommended that the size should be less than 4 GB.

  1. Good to rename it as “RAM Drive” to distinguish easily.
  2. Remove all the data including the hidden from the flash/thumb drive.
  3. Click on “My Computer icon and right click it to open the Properties tab.
  4. Now click on the “Advance” tab and select “Performance” Button Settings.
  5. In the “Performance Option” window click on “Advance” Tab
  6. Click on button at Virtual Memory Panel with “Change” label.
  7. You would be able to see the Flash drive click on it, calculate the size of your flash drive and reduce 5 MB from it and enter the value in both the text boxes present i.e. Initial Size and Maximum size.
  8. Please select “Set” Button and then “Ok” button no other button. At the Performance Option window select the “Apply” Button. Please restart your system.

Note: Please do not pull off your Flash drive, since it would be used as the ram drive. Possible outcome of that action may crash your system and you are responsible for that and no one else.

Hope this helps!

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