How to improve mobile video

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Hey, Guys can anyone tell me are there any tools through which we can increase cam quality of mobile ? Especially for Smartphones?

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How to improve mobile video


There are some tools and tips how will increase camera quality and make better photos.


  1. Most phone camera settings are set default as not high quality. So go to your phone camera settings and make sure that it is set to high quality.
  2. Make use of apps for taking pictures. There are lots of apps available that can make improve your photo shoot like Camera360.
  3. Turn off Digital Zoom.


It depends on what phone are you using, there are lots of phone now. The one that I used for my android phone is MIUI camera. So getting tools might depend on platform, O.S, Phone brand that you are using.

If you are using android it is very easy to look for that.

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How to improve mobile video


Hi William,

The mobile camera has a built in lens and mega pixel count. Most mobile cameras are devoid of a flash and a good proper lens. Because of it, the camera cant properly expose the object fully to its potential and capture a great photo. 

I recommend you to keep the photo quality to the minimum, and do not use the digital zoom as far as you can. Digital zoom is useless because in fact it just stretch the pixels and the photo develops into a grainy/blurry image. 

I hope it will help.

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How to improve mobile video


That’s right. Most of the time, but more likely always, when buying a Smartphone the built-in camera is always configured to its default setting. Sometimes you may not like the way the picture is rendered because there are times the image looks too dark or maybe not clear enough. You can always adjust the quality of the image by changing the settings of the camera.

The camera always comes with a set of options that affects the quality of the images or videos taken. You can modify how the camera captures images by opening the camera on your handset and navigating to its Settings usually located at the top or bottom of the screen. You can adjust or modify several options.

Like selecting “Image quality” in Samsung Galaxy S3, you can set it to Superfine, Fine, or use Normal setting. You can also enable the Anti-Shake feature as well as the “Auto contrast”. See image.

Some of the possible features that may be available in your handset that you want to check out are:

  • Single shot
  • Burst shot
  • HDR
  • Smile shot
  • Beauty
  • Panorama

These special features may or may not be available in your handset. Just feel free to modify the settings on your camera to suit your preference. You can always restore them back to default in case you didn’t like it and then try something else.

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