How to import vectors mathematics corel draw?

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I am facing a problem that couldn't be solved. I was solving some vectors mathematics corel draw. But meanwhile l couldn't find a way to import it in graphically. How can i import it? advance thanks .

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How to import vectors mathematics corel draw?



Drawing vector graphics in Corel draw requires taking the following steps:

Run UniConvertor to convert CDR files to SVG. If this fails then open your CDR file in Corel Draw and save it as binary encoded CGM file.  Note: when saving CGM file vector graphics will be saved but Bitmap graphics will not be saved.

The following step is to open the CGM file in OpenOffice Impress then copy to Open Office Draw and insert original JPG or any other bitmap graphics.  

The third step is to save this file as ODG then select all by pressing (CTRL+A) then select Export as SVG.  Now you become ready to open your file in Corel DRAW.

The fourth step is to open the program then go to the file tab and open a new document.  Go to the file tab again then select import in order to open a dialogue box then select “Files of type” and go to SVG to view this format only.  

The fifth step is to click to import the SVG file and when the file is imported click anywhere on the blank page of CorelDRAW to insert the SVG file. Press the "Enter" key to place it in the center of the page.  

The final step is to select the SVG graphic tab then choose "Arrange," go to the "Unlock" tab and click on it and this will allow the editing of the SVG objects.  Upon finishing object editing, save your file as SVG.  

I hope this is useful.


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