How to if my wireless connection unsecured?

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How do I know if my wireless connection is unsecured?

What should I do to make it secure?

Can you give me some tips?

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How to if my wireless connection unsecured?



Hi Mr. Luna,
No doubt that if you detect your wireless connection unsecure, you will sense that your internet connection when connected to you personal computer or laptop is really very slow. It is because anybody who lives surrounded on the range of your wireless router can access in your internet connection.
To make it a little bit faster run a close system. You will have to figure out what kind of router you are using and set up a password for administrative rights on your router. It is not safe or protected to use an unsecure wireless connection for that I recommended always use a secure wireless connection. 
Stanislava Yap
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How to if my wireless connection unsecured?


Here’s a way of securing your wireless network. This is completely opposite to what one of my neighbors does where they allow anyone in the neighborhood to connect to their Wi-Fi. First step is to connect to your router via web browser. To do this, you need to acquire your Gateway IP Address first.

Click Start, Run, and then type without quotes “cmd” then hit Enter. Type without quotes “ipconfig /all” then hit Enter. Find the line that says Gateway and take note of the IP address that follows something similar to See image.

After getting the IP address, open your web browser, enter the IP address and hit Enter. Next is to enable encryption on your access point like applying a 128-bit encryption or higher will make your wireless network more secure. Avoid using WEP because it is already proven to be vulnerable.

It can be breached in only a matter of minutes by simply using free utilities found on the web. After that, you should set the access password for your router. See image.

Avoid using common passwords or passwords that can easily be cracked. Make your password alphanumeric or a combination of numbers and letters and the longer your password is the better though make sure not to exceed the maximum length of characters. Next is to change your SSID or Service Set Identifier. See image.

The SSID is the name of your wireless network. Use a unique name different from the default. Not changing the SSID from its default name will obviously mean that it was setup by a beginner and other options like the password were also left as default. After replacing the SSID, you should then enable MAC address filtering on your router or on your Access Point.

Make sure the option SSID Broadcast Enable is activated. Avoid disabling this feature from your router or Access Point. See image.

Next is to disable remote login. The first router worm that was discovered applied brute force to penetrate the router since most of the default usernames are set to Admin. If the virus or worm detects a known username, it would not be difficult for it to crack the password. See image.

The last and final step is to turn off wireless administration. This disables any form of wireless hacking on your router. See image.

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